Homemade Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla | The Gray Boxwood

There are many options when shopping for vanilla. Hopefully you choose 100% extract already, but there are still so many brands and buzz words to choose from. Why not simplify and start making your own? It’s quick, easy, and gives you exquisite vanilla for all your baking needs! You need just two ingredients: premium vodka and vanilla beans.

Use a clean and sterilized jar to make the vanilla. For every one cup of vodka, you’ll need three vanilla beans, cut in half and sliced in the middle, exposing the seeds to flavor the vodka. The hardest part in this whole process is letting the vanilla sit and absorb the flavors. For it to turn out the best, the vanilla needs to sit for at least three months, but I prefer a minimum of six.

Once you try this homemade vanilla, you will stop spending such high amounts on “premium” vanillas and only use this!

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  • Just got some vanilla beans into our gift shop, curious to see if they sell. They come from a fair trade company called Level Ground, 10 beans for $12.50. Crowded Closet

    • Betsy, How exciting that you are selling Vanilla Beans. They are versatile and must in my kitchen pantry! And that is not a bad price! I may have to come by and try these out!

  • Kaleb…..I heard about this video and had to come check it out myself…awesome! I want to make my own because I’m too cheap to buy the real stuff and…dare I say it…I purchase imitation. AGH!!! I can hear the horror in your gasp. Haha. One question – I am not an avid purchaser of vodka – what is a “premium” brand you would suggest?

    • Chris!! Never buy imitation again!!!!! It does make a difference, but I understand. Premium brands can be hard, Grey Goose is one of the top ones I would suggest but it is an “investment” if you are not used to buying better vodkas. Most important is not buying the cheapest option, the flavors are more harsh. If you are more comfortable buy mid priced, somewhere between the higher priced and lower.

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